From the Pupils:

"The tuition I go to in Alperton is fun, educational and welcoming and so far, this is the best tuition I have been to. I would recommend this to many people if they want a great education. The Engish teachers are understanding, intelligent people and you would love them. If you need help, they will come to you and explain it in the simplest way possible. You can tell them anything and they will be there. They are also funny and never moody in any way. The Maths teachers are great too, they always explain things in the most understandable way and they are hilarious. When you walk in, there is always a kind smile and nice hello's for you. All of the kids here are nice too and friendly, I also have got good relationships with some people from my school and have made new friends. They are welcoming and kind and here, anyone you meet is someone you can trust. I have learnt a lot here and I really do like my tuition".


- Yuval, age 9



"I really like how the teachers encourage us by planning competitions. In addition, Julie helps to make my work better than ever! The Maths teachers really help me to improve my work in Maths by showing me different techniques, so I can use them in tests. I love how we have parties since we get to know the other pupils better. I really enjoy coming to tuition so I can learn more and see my best friend Bhumi. I hope more people join this tuition so they can experience the best tuition ever".


- Vedika, age 9



"Dear Julie, I am happy to be going to Saturday school, it is helping me to boost my learning and get good marks ready for high school. I am in year 5, so I have only one more year until high school and I need to start preparing. I make loads of friends here and the teaching assistants help with my learning (by the way, it's a fun place to study, it is never boring, even though I am not as good at maths as I am at English). At the end of the Maths class, we do a times table test and I am very good at it, most of them are TOP SCORES! I am very good at English, we use stories, punctuation, paragraphs, spelling tests and even presentations. Thank you for the help and support, it is great coming here, as we have so many nice teachers and they have helped us so much. Thank you, it's pretty fun, even when we are doing Maths and English".


- Anthony, age 10



"I am very pleased with all my Maths and English teachers. Frishta and Georgia are really good at their job and so is Meuser and Shemar. They give us lots of tips on life and what we are learning about to make it easier and they make the lessons fun and unique, this makes me feel very comfortable. This tuition has introduced me to bond books and the small book of big words, these books have made my intelligence stronger and wider. They have also helped me a lot in school and I am in the highest group for every subject. Lastly, I have boosted my confidence and presentation skills and these have really helped me lately. I have been getting the courage to express my thoughts and showing everyone my abilities of what I have done and what I can do".


- Kelda, age 10



"I like all the teachers in this tuition and they help us when we need help, they teach us in a fun way and it is fun to learn. I love the homework we get, especially in English because it is so fun to do".


- Bhumi, age 9 



"My first reason as to why The Achievers Club is good tuition because the teachers are helpful and friendly. The teachers help us understand what we are doing in the lesson and when we get stuck. Our teachers Georgia and Sammy gives us a warm welcome every time we enter the classroom and the lessons are fun. Every time we do a lesson, we learn something new. I first started at 3tuition but I didn't feel I was learning anything, so I started the Achievers Club and I noticed a great improvement in my work. Not only this, my grammar had been expanded even more. When I started I couldn't finish my timetables test in time, but every week I would push myself even more and now I have improved a lot. This is why I think the Achievers Club is the best and I rate it 5 stars!"


- Noadiah, age 10



"When I first started the Achievers Club, I was nervous, but the tutors showed me I didn't have to worry about anything at all. I took tests to see how I was doing and learnt lots of new things about English that my school did not teach me. I was so happy when I received my headteacher's commendation and even better when Jolene and Joshua also received headteacher awards! I had an opportunity to apply for a scholarship and I asked the club to help me and I received a lot of positive feedback from my headteacher. Although I did not win, I still learnt how to do a presentation well, which built my confidence. When we did the cave stories I was so excited when we handed the stories in because I wanted to do more challenging projects. When I found out I was so elated to have received the double-sided pens prize!"


- Jane, age 9



"When I enter the Achievers Club, the staff greet me respectfully. In addition to this, all lessons are fun and interesting and we would always learn something new. However, we also revise literacy which consists of Non/Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English, so we can master each subject and be the best we can be. Furthermore, I enjoy blind spelling tests because this is where I can learn new words so I can expand my vocabulary. Moreover, my teachers are funny and they would always help when I need it. There is no place I would rather go to except the Achievers Club".


- Usair, age 9



"I was very smart before I came to the Achievers Club, but now I am smarter and I am in the highest group and most of the credit should go to this club. In May 2017, I came here with skills but I was told that I can still improve and I got better as the months went by. I should say a big thank you to Julie, I wouldn't be here without you, you give us homework every week which is so helpful. You help us and it's been a pleasure to come to the Achievers Club".


- Umair, age 9


From the Parents:



"Dear Julie, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support that you provided my son Matteo with at The Achievers Club. Matteo's English and Maths has improved significantly, this would not have happened if he had not been given additional help. The club had provided my son with all of the necessary support to help him transition to his new secondary school which he will start in September 2018. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation more for you supporting my son in obtaining a scholarship at Sylvia Young Theatre School, a specialist performing arts school, offering a high level of academic and vocational studies. Your elocution and confidence building lessons have had a huge impact on his confidence, which allows him to better express himself. This placement will give him the perfect start to his next school chapter, he could not have asked for a better opportunity. Thank you for all of your support!"


- Serena Rossi



"As a parent who looks for children to excel in education in London, I was looking for

tutors or organization that suitable for three of my children to learn from. I found a little

leaflet in our local restaurant during dinner time and made a call to a lovely cheerful

lady named Juliana to register for Math and English. Juliana welcomed us and provide extra efforts for both of my twins to improve in their Math and English. Just over a few months, my twin daughter made a huge change in her learning attitude. From total refusal to study to total eagerness to learn. My son, on the

other hand, has lost many school times due to medical treatments, he as well able to

catch up what he missed at school and be on track on his Math and English.

Finally, my first daughter has developed confidence in her presentation skills as well as

writing ability in her English subject due to help from Juliana personally as well as the

team at the Achievers Club. I am very satisfied with the help and the extra efforts that Juliana and the Achievers Club provided for all three of my children. The Achievers Club is a great organization that supported our young generations to excel in their learning".


Juliana Oei



"Achievers class has really helped my child Noadiah Kennedy who is in year five

and waiting to write an exam to get admission to the Grammar school. Since

my daughter joined the club she has improved on her learning skills, as well as

gained more confidence in her presentation performance. With the help of the teachers at achievers club, they have shown me different kinds of good books that will help my child's vocabulary. The environment in

which the tuition is been offered is very spacious and more conducive to learn. I also think that this environment is very good for everything my child needs to know. I am really happy for my child to be with the club".


- Mercy Oduro 



"My son Amani who is 10 years old, attends the Achievers Club which is a Saturday school, located at Alperton High School. Since he has attended the club, he has been exposed to public speaking and debating about current affairs, something not done in his school. He is now able to construct an argument in writing and present it with confidence to the teacher and his peers. Both the Maths and English classes have built up his confidence and this has shown in his school work. In Maths, he is now ahead of what is taught at school and with the small classes he gets the additional help that he needs. He was awarded a runner up prize in a recent writing competition held at the club which made him very happy".




From the Tutors:



The Achiever’s Club is an organisation dedicated to the academic progress of children in the elementary age bracket. The organisation is equipped to teach both English and mathematics and conducts assessments on a monthly basis to track the progress of each child. I have been teaching as an English tutor with the organisation for eight months and have witnessed the unprecedented progress within each individual child. The impact the organisation has had on the personal and academic life of the children has been monumental. After conducting a careful examination to determine which stage of learning they are at, each child has a tailored and targeted study plan which focuses on their areas of weakness in both English and mathematics. Each child will be dedicated to ameliorating their weaknesses with the help of continuous one to one contact with their tutors. Aside from a focus on academia, we ensure the children are provided

with a holistic learning platform, which targets confidence building and public speaking – the children develop their own personal presentations as homework to present to the class the following week before the start of each lesson. It was Julie’s decision to introduce this holistic platform of learning, which was a turning point in the children’s progress and their confidence building.

Some students in particular who would not speak during the lessons were eager to share their presentations and subsequently engage wholeheartedly in class discussions. The organisation ensures that they are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of later life – such advice and preparation they would not be provided within their schools.

Located in a socio-economically deprived area, the organisation caters to the needs of children who would otherwise not receive an extra platform of academic aid. Children who belong to disadvantaged families have seen an improvement not only in their academic abilities but their personal relationships with parents-  the organisation maintains close contact with parents each week and updates them on their children’s progress for that day. Thus, the family dynamics are becoming close-knit as the parents engage consistently in their child’s learning and have increasingly taken to verbally rewarding them as their child continues the improvements – this is psychologically imperative for the healthy growth of the student and for the dynamics

of the familial relationship. In families where active participation by the father was absent, the organisation has been keen to maintain contact with both parents (with permission) to ensure thorough support for the child is being received from all angles. 

This organisation is made up of dedicated tutors who have a genuine desire for the progression of the students. It is a truly unique organisation in which all the students

will confidently testify that the club has aided in their mental and academic improvements. We have been committed since the birth of the organisation and are now successfully approaching the summer break with a whole academic year coming to a close. The progression of each individual child has been documented

and we look forward to the start of another prosperous academic year when the children will continue to progress and benefit extensively from the excellent work of the club".


Frishta Abadi, English Tutor



"I have had the pleasure of being involved with The Achievers Club since its inception. I was attracted to the idea that the children were to be given a safe space to express themselves, practise and hone in their skills and gain confidence while improving their language skills in preparation for state examinations, all in group and 1:1 settings as required. I started tutoring and quickly came to see the benefits. Over time the groups have grown emotionally showing a very caring attitude, encouraging and helping each other through various academic quests and personal struggles they may have at school. The benefits of this club are enormous and if it has the chance to expand, then we will be able to see a marked improvement in all areas of the children’s lives which will give them a strong foundation on which to grow.

My wish is that children whose families may not be able to afford the fees, receive an equal

opportunity to send their children to such a vibrant atmosphere where they will thrive".


- Georgia Pourtabib, English Tutor



"The Achievers Club is an outstanding academic centre, helping young children academically as well

as socially. The centre is equipped to teach mathematics and English. I have been teaching maths at

the centre for nearly a year and I am bearing witness to the growth in every child through their ability

to understand questions and answer them in depth. The children have not only improved in terms of

their academics but they are also enjoying what they are studying which I believe is very important

when teaching someone.

When the children first start at the centre, we conduct an assessment to determine their current level

of understanding. Once the assessment has been completed, we decide what work to give them based

upon their current academic year in addition to the areas of maths that need the most improvement.

We have a ‘Topic Study’ once every month where we select a maths topic that students typically

struggle with i.e. fractions and have a whole class based on that topic. This has proven to be very

helpful as students take turns to write and answer questions on the whiteboard at the front of the class.

This not only boosts their mental maths but also improves their presentational skills and confidence.

Being located in an economically and socially deprived area, The Achievers Club deeply cares about

every student and provides an extra platform of support, which the student would not normally

receive. I have previously worked in many centres and I can vouch with confidence that this centre

better caters to students needs by providing one to one help as well as helping students stay engaged

with the work, they are doing.

I have had students request extra homework, which I have not previously observed in other centres as

homework is normally seen as a chore, however, for these children it is something they thoroughly

enjoy. I look forward to the start of the next academic year and boosting every child’s academic future".


-Musa Aziz, Maths tutor





























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