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What is the achievers club?

 The Achievers Club is a tuition centre that offers a wide variety of educational support programmes to students from ages 4 -11. Tuition services are provided after school, weekends and during school holidays and include English, Maths and confidence building.


The Achievers Club seeks to empower young learners through the provision of skills in order to level the playing field in opening doors to independent and grammar school education. The club is targeted towards providing universal access to all children who have the innate abilities to reach the standard of attainment required to pass independent and grammar schools entrance examinations.


Additionally, the club will provide those children attending with life skills to enable them to be more confident, articulate and to perform better at school; providing them with a foundation of life skills for secondary schools and later on in life. The mission statement of the club is “Helping children to reach great heights”. 



How Can WE

Help Your child?

The Achievers Club offers a wide range of support, providing high-quality learning for primary age children.

Key Stages 1,2,& 3 subjects include: 


  • Maths & English


  • SATS 


  • 11+ Exam preparation 

  • Confidence building through Coaching and Mentoring techniques


  • Public Speaking


  • Debating Skills


  • Creative Writing      


Our courses and subjects

Where are we?


Maths & English Course Content


Maths topics will cover all important subject areas for primary ages including money calculations and real life problems to give them a head start in life. In addition, topics will focus on improving understanding and technical ability.


English work topics will be selected to promote improvement in creative writing and comprehension including technical language knowledge and the development of different writing techniques. Learning methods will include varied exercises and question sets



11+ Course Content


The 11+ sessions will cover Year 5 and 6 work but will be delivered nine months early. It will be open to children in Years 4 and 5 who are applying for entry to a selective school.


The 11+ sessions will challenge children differently and really sharpens their maths and English skills as well as introduce them to verbal reasoning. These dynamic classes will give Year 4 and 5 children a head start in their 11+ tests. Taught in a safe, nurturing but competitive environment, children will gain an understanding of the standard expected of them and be encouraged to improve their skills leading up to the 11+ preparation classes and, of course, the exam itself.


The principles of Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning will be established with question sets selected to introduce pupils to the subject.



How to get to Us


We are situated near to Alperton Tube Station, on the Piccadilly Line. 



The nearest bus stop to us is Alperton Station on Ealing Road which can be accessed by the 79, 83, 224 and 483 buses.




Venue : Alperton Community School

                  Upper-school site
                    Stanley Avenue                                       Wembley Middlesex

Contact Julie Lewin

Tel :  0203 780 7529

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